Doof. And after almost a year…

So yeah, lots of stuff happened. And not a whole lot of it directly related to Project Smash.

Anyway putting that aside for now, a brief of things that have happened in the past 11 or so months and or are ongoing:

1. I’ve now got some highspeed internets. (Yay Verizon!) Which should help lots with productivity. When I can get back to doing productivity. Argh. 😦

2. I’ve been totally revulsed by Microsoft. For reasons that should be immediately obvious. All of which means working on transitioning over to that other operating system with the Happy Penguin. Which of course means lots of research into new updated computer hardwares that are actually compatible (got a handle on this, just need time to save up some bucks to buy it), and an even larger load of research work into Linux equivalent apps to replace the ones I’m using in my development toolchain. (Replacing the ArghRAD light tool is gonna be a problem tho…one reason why its essential to release the source code to your tools D: Just have to tackle this one later, either using Wine or later porting all the goodies from Tyrutils to the Q2BSP Rad util.) The good news is there seems to be many drop in replacements, so it’s only a matter of time and wrapping my brain around how stuff is supposed to work in Linux vs. Windows. (Making good progress. :D) I’ll probably make a blog post later detailing the transition, and pointing out good software to use for anybody else who wants to give M$ the old heave-ho.

3. Finding worthwhile blogs to follow. is a good one, for a look at up and coming cool computer stuff.

4. Raspberry Pi is managing to attract my attention in a semi-big way. Especially that RaspiBoy project. ( I definitely hope that project pans out because it looks like a totally cool handheld gaming platform that you could hook up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to develop and play your own games on. Among other things.

5. Last but not least, a couple more people liked my blog! I dunno who they are, and why they like this moldy, rarely updated blog, but lets give a nice big wave and shout-out to the Muses of Food and Travel, Madeline Wolfe and Aime Bailey! Madeline as near as I can tell likes food pr0n and Aime likes travel / landscape. Hopefully they won’t get angry about the shout-out and links to their WordPress blogs. You can check out their blogs here: and

And I guess that’s about it for this update.


Hellsmash Beta 3 Special Edition Progress

It’s come to my attention that Hellsmash Beta 3 is no longer available for download with the fall of Since recent developments and improvements in modeling tools have occurred, I’ve decided to make a “Special Edition” version for later upload to quaketastic.

What all this means is that I can now finally do a few things for this re-release that I wanted to have in the original beta 3 release.

So, here’s a teaser screenshot from blender of the new model for the Fury Breaker powerup: